#051296-1974 USA CYLINDER HEAD

Part Number: 0004286925N
Weight: 28.00 lbs
model: 128
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NEW - #051296-1974 USA 1116 CC,
This is a brand new Fiat SOHC cylinder head with the casting information of "128 A 4343497". Note that this is an original Fiat casting, not a Yugo. It is what we know as an 1116 head, there is zero emissions ports, it has the small "high compression" combustion chambers. Also note the small intake and exhaust runners that can easily be opened up, or modified for fuel injection fitted cars.

Please note the small dent in #2 combustion chamber head surface. If fitted to an 1116 cc motor it will be in the head gasket area. This may or may not be an issue with the 1290 cc or 1498 cc motors.

It will fit all 128s, All X1/9s until they fitted the smaller diameter head bolts, Most Stradas, and probably handfuls of the SOHC variations sold thruout the world but not in North America.
BEFORE USE 4252125.
REPLACES 4343497.
So you can estimate your shipping costs from www.ups.com or www.usps.com (this form required for all US Post shipments http://www.fiatplus.com/postal-agreement-pg-6.html ), this item weighs less than 28 pounds, and can be shipped in a 23 x 13 x 13 box.-


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