Glass Policy

We have had our last piece of glass shipped, broken, and have the insurance claim denied because of insufficient packaging. We have also learned the hard way that no matter how glass is packaged, UPS, Fed-Ex, D.H.L., or any of the other professional carriers will not insure glass. Period!
So we are faced with two choices. Either refuse to sell glass (as many of our competitors have), or cover our butt and continue to sell glass.

This what covering our butt consists of.
If you want to purchase glass from us, we will sell it to you. You, or your representative, can come into our building and personally pick up the glass off of our counter and walk out the door with it. It will be glass, there will be nothing around the glass (except possibly a thin sheet of plastic, much like a sandwich bag). I would suggest you bring gloves, as the edges of glass can be sharp. Thick leather gloves work well, and there are also other types of gloves out on the market that work quite well. I purchased mine at Costco in a 3 pack.
And you may want to already have something in your car/truck set up to place the glass upon, and sharp edges of glass can cut upholstery.

If you will not be picking up the glass as above, we will ship it, but only one way.
The glass will be wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped in cardboard. The secure cocooned glass will then be placed upon six inches, or more, of packaging material and strapped into a box that is a minimum of six inches larger in all four directions than the cocoon size. This cocooned and dimensionally huge box will be placed upon a pallet, & then can be picked up by our trucker and transported either by surface or air to your delivery address. ALL packaging costs, wood and nail costs, labor time to construct the shipment, and transportation fees, and any other related costs, will be paid by you IN ADDITION to the quoted purchase price of the glass.
If you want additional parts added to the glass shipment, that is OK. But we are the ones that will decide how much larger the box described above will need to be to meet the insurance requirements of our freight forwarder. Not you.


These are our rules and there are no exceptions.
If you do not agree to them then please do not ask to purchase glass from us.

revised 09/21/2011