Part Index

Parts are listed by the original Fiat part number preceded by zeros and ending with a letter.
The preceding zeros mean nothing but the letter indicates the condition of the part.

  • Parts ending with an "N" = NEW

These parts are either new old stock (NOS) from old dealer buyouts or current production (either on the original tooling by the original manufacturer that Fiat used, or reproductions from specialists) from various suppliers in Europe. These parts carry the warranty offered by the current supplier, if any. If the supplier is gone, so is the warranty.

  • Parts ending with a   "U" = USED

These parts are absolutely guaranteed to be used parts off of old used cars that have been parted out for reasons other than the failure of this part! If the part was broken it was either thrown away, or checked in as a core. These parts carry no warranty other then will work when first installed, but no longer then that. They are used parts, and so was the one on your car until it broke.

  • Parts ending with an "R" = REBUILT 

These parts have been rebuilt by either a quality remanufacturer or our service department. They carry the warranty from our remanufacturer. Or our service department of 6 months or 3,000 miles, which is better than the original FIAT warranty of 4 months/3,000 miles.

  • Parts ending with an "X" = CORE       

These are the old broken, junk, or untested parts we get either from various sources that sell them to us with no warranty, or are parts that someone else turned in to get their core charge refunded. They have ZERO warranty and cannot be returned/refunded.

If you have any further questions about the condition of a certain part don't hesitate to contact us.