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Does the shipping price the web store quotes seem wrong?
Does the shipping price the web store quotes seem wrong? These days, EVERYTHING ships dimensionally. We are loading the dimensional shipping size and weight for every single item into the database as time allows, and the web store host will use that information to determine the shipping costs of your order. If you order multiple items, the host will ADD all of the dimensional weights together to calculate your shipping costs. It's a computer program, there is no inexpensive way to get around how the program does the calculation. When placing your order, make sure you pick either UPS or US Post as the carrier, and the type of delivery service you want from that carrier, from the drop down list. If you still feel the web store host has incorrectly calculated the costs of shipping your order, or if you are ordering multiple items, please call or email me directly to place your order. We will charge you the actual shipping costs, not the arbitrary amount the web store host calculates. Looking forward to your order, and your satisfaction with the quality products we take great pride in providing.
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